Get a good dry box

Never underestimate the value of a good dry box. Used properly it can go a long way in protecting your valuable investments like camera body and lens. Look for one with a built in hygrometer, and set it between 40Rh to 60Rh.

Use silica gel

Silica Gel or Desiccant packets are often found in new product shipments to absorb moisture. They are easily available at most camera shops and should be used both at home in the dry box or in your camera bag to prevent fungus and mold.

Wipe down your gear

The most common ways moisture accumulates on your gear is from high humidity, rain, sea breeze or your own breath. Regularly wiping down your gear minimizes moisture on your camera.

Travel with Ziploc

Not a full-proof method but Ziploc bags are reasonably effective in protecting your gear from moisture and dust. For best results make sure you have some desiccants packs inside.

A grip on your gear

Even if you don't have sweaty hands always use a wrist or neck strap to keep your cameras from slipping from your grip.

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